The Latest from Carolina Book Beat: Lisa Shearin

Lisa Shearin

The Grendel Affair by Lisa Shearin (broadcast 1-6-2014) Supernatural Protection & Investigations, known as SPI, investigates things that go bump in the night and the monsters you thought didn’t exist.  Lisa’s lead character in this new series of speculative fiction novels, called The SPI Files, is Makenna Fraser, a Seer who can see through any disguise, shield, or spell that a paranormal pest can come up with. She tracks down creatures and her partner, Ian Byrne, takes them down.  In this first of the new series it’s descendants of Grendel wandering the New York City subway tunnels intent on revenge and mayhem for New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Bright, fun and fast moving, a light comedic touch puts a new twist on this urban fantasy that makes reading it perfect for an escape from the winter drearies.  Find out more at Lisa Shearin. 


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