The Latest from Carolina Book Beat: Tommy Lee Edwards


Vandroid by Tommy Lee Edwards (broadcast 2-3-2014) After studying film and illustration at the Art Center College of Design, Tommy Lee Edwards took the comics industry by storm with his illustrations on such titles as The Question, Marvel 1985, Batman, and Turf (with co-creator Jonathan Ross).  Proving to be one of the most respected and versatile artists working today, he has also designed the video games  Command and Conquer, James Bond, and Prey.

Beyond illustrating countless pieces for books, merchandise, magazines, and posters, Tommy perhaps feels most at home putting his imagination and storytelling flare to the test as a conceptual designer, storyboard artist, and director for film.  He’s collaborated with the Hughes Brothers as the concept artist on their Denzel Washington epic The Book of Eli, and has also contributed to the design of many productions including Akira, Masters of the Universe, Harry Potter, Superman Returns, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman Begins.  Microsoft’s award-winning The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator utilized all aspects of storytelling technique, with Tommy creating the ground-breaking interactive animated web-series from a script by Edgar Wright.

He is currently  writing and directing a multi-media film/music/comic series with Ed Banger Records called Vandroid. Click here to find out more about Vandroid and this amazingly creative artist/writer known world-wide and living right in our own backyard.