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Astrology Unlocked

Astrology Unlocked by Philip F. Young PhD (broadcast 2-10-2014) Written to introduce readers to the complexity and elegance of astrology as a tool for self discovery, expressing creativity, maximizing skills, connecting successfully with others, charting career paths, and more, including growing into and evolving spiritual life purpose  Philip provides a rich resource for those interested in learning more about one of the most ancient systems created to explain mankind to itself.

The book sets out to accomplish three tasks: 1) take readers deeper into the interpretation process than most beginner books by providing a formula for and examples of over 1,700 specific energy combinations, 2) treating the subject matter as significant and important as medicine, engineering, business, physics, law, or any other profession that requires years and years of dedicated study and practice, and 3) offering a reading strategy that will allow readers of this book and any other books on astrology to quickly enjoy their first foray into the subject. Purposeful repetition of ideas, personal stories from the author, and a worksheet process all work together to show what it takes to build a strong foundation for understanding why the practice of astrology has continued to exist and develop for so many centuries, offering what might be considered a pre-Freudian chart of the human psyche and how it might function in the world.

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