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Jo Barbara Taylor


Focus on North Carolina Poetry, guest-hosted by Sara Claytor, is enlivened by the readings and story telling of Jo Barbara Taylor, a Raleigh poet with numerous publications to her credit.  Jo’s chapbooks include One or Two Feathers – with much color and sensuality, nature is always at the center of these poems, Jake and Jill The Story of a Marriage – full of fun and good humor and the perfect size for mailing instead of a conventional anniversary card, Cameo Roles – thoughtful poems about the different roles women play throughout their lives, and High Ground – how Alpha Marines in battle and those waiting for them to come home address the daily acceptance of death. 

Jo gives us the low down on the new poetry series at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh she is coordinating and talks as well about getting published as a poet.  You can find out more about Jo Barbara Taylor and how to contact her by listening in and/or by Googling Jo Barbara Taylor poet.


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