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Peter Rizzolo 

Forbidden Harvest by Peter Rizzolo (broadcast 10-14-2013)  The protagonist of this tale of medical intrigue has developed a method to extend the viability of donated human organs for transplant by a complex freezing process (a method that is today actually in the experimental stage).  When the hospital cancels his research he faces the choice of stopping his life’s work or continuing in his struggle to save lives.  Retired UNC Profesor of Family Medicine, Peter Rizzolo has written a novel that raises the questions of medical ethics concerning life and death, of behind the scenes intrigue that crosses continents, and of love in its many permutations. 

Lee Smith writes: “Peter Rizzolo brings his immense medical knowledge and deep compassion to this thoughtful and movingnovel.  Skillfully written and deeply engaging throughout, his real and complex characters come to life on the page, giving his readers a deeper understanding of these timely issues that touch all our lives.” 

Go to to learn more and to take a lok at the book trailer for Forbidden Harvest.


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