The Latest from Carrboro Book Beat

By the Side of the Buffalo Pasture byKathleen Buerer (broadcast 2-8-2010) After working with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC for ten years Kathleen felt challenged to find a better way to live a more meaningful life.  When she read in the Washington Post about the birth of a white buffalo that held significance in ancient Native American legend she went as a tourist to see.   Years of visiting to sit by the buffalo pasture led her to a believer in things unseen and unspoken words heard as a truth from within.  Clearly and with simple honesty she tells the story of searching for her center and her path in life.  Find out more at


2 thoughts on “The Latest from Carrboro Book Beat”

  1. Loved this book!! What courage it took to completely take a review of your life. It’s truly inspirational and one I will read again.

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